Listed below are some of our favoured Ireland Golf Vacation Itineraries.  Prices for Ireland Golf Tours are included per individuals sharing for each tour chosen.  If you need extra facilities please contact us for details on extra charges which may be incurred.  All prices are in Euros.

These Ireland Golf Vacation options offer a selection which are enjoyed by our golfing visitors.

If you would like to Tailor Your Itinerary to suit your tour, this can be done too – simply fill in the Quotation Form and select the golf courses of your choice.

If you decide to Tailor Your Itinerary, Ireland Golf will personally take care of booking your tour with the best golf courses and accommodation providers.  We offer the opportunities which suit you best.

Contact Us now and begin planning your Ireland Golf adventure!

So if you would like to play golf in Ireland,if you would like to play golf in Belfast, Dublin, Cork or Galway – just contact us now.
We have all of the best Golf courses and all of the best tee-times to suit you. Plus, if you book early you will get the best availability and maybe the best prices!
While the dollar is strong you can book your Ireland Golf Tour dream trip and let us take care of all of the work. The stronger the dollar, the more you save – with Ireland Golf Travel.
Book now for 2017 and plan your vacation golf in Ireland now – we can’t wait to meet you!

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